March 24, 2009

Natural Elements - A Collaboration - Sale Item of the Day - 10 percent off today only

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As anyone who knows my husband and I would know this was bound to happen eventually. We have created a collaboration of our talents. My husband does fabulous woodturning and so one day I said to him that he should try and make a bead. So he did and we lined it and I made some complementary glass lined beads and this is the end result. We hope to make many more in the future.

The wooden beads are created out of paduche which is a wonderful natural red color. They are lined in sterling silver. The glass bead is created by the process of lampworking and is a complimentary animal spot print on black and also lined in sterling silver.

The wooden beads measure approx. 10mm by 19mm. The glass bead measures approx 9mm x 17mm. The beads are designed to be worn on any of the euro bead systems. They could also be strung onto a leather cord, ribbon or even a chain.

Bracelet is for photograph and comparison only. It is not included in the sale.

The glass beads have been properly kiln annealed for lasting durability and are each properly cleaned and inspected.

Thank you for looking!


Anonymous said...

They're wonderful and so unique! How fun to create with your DH!

jewelrybynatsuko said...

fantastic collaboration! especially with your DH, that is so special!! I love the combination of wormth of wood & coolness of glass!!