January 24, 2010

One World ~ One Heart Giveaway Event


Originally created in 2007, the One World ~ One Heart Giveaway Event brings blogs from all over the world together. We the members of the Etsy Glass Artists Street Team hope you love what we have offered and take a chance at winning one of the great prizes offered below. Please leave a comment as your entry and make sure we have a way to contact you if you win. Feel free to stop by our website and explore more work from these great Glass Artists. While you are there you are welcome to sign up for our newsletter to be informed of upcoming sales and special offers.
This event ends February 15th. Winners will be contacted beginning February 16th.

GlassCat's Dichroic Glass Pendant

This piece measures 28m or just over a 1” square excluding the black bail.

Susan Sheehan's Lampwork Flower Disc Earrings
Deep red lampwork glass flower disc beads on sterling silver wire hoops with tiny silver beads, these hoops are a little over an inch (25mm)wide and the flower discs are just under an inch (23mm).

Pam Dansie's Lampwork Earrings
Delicate sterling silver holds a handmade artisan lampwork bead, sterling silver Bali spacers and swarovski crystals for a charming pair of hoop earrings. These hoops are delicate and light weight for easy wearing. The earrings measure 3/4" in diameter and are made with 22 gauge sterling silver wire. The total measurement is an approx. 30mm dangle.

Mandy Caird's Brooch

This sparkling tangerine orange brooch is set in a beautiful silver plated filigree pin mounting. The dichroic glass cabochon is approximately 18mm by 25mm and is firmly attached to the pin mounting using prongs and glue.

Natsuko Hank's Earrings

Enamel poppies are made from 1/2” copper disk. It has textured and has many layers of glass enamel. Completed by handmade sterling silver ear wire. Measures about 3/4” top to bottom. Very light weight and comfortable to wear!

Marcy Lamberson's Lampwork Focal Bead

One cute as can be lampwork glass Cockatiel Bird Bead.
This one has a 1/16th vertical hole and has a sweet temperment.

Deanna Chase's Lampwork Focal Bead

This cool bead is teal with an iridized abstract peacock design. Size is 22 mm hole to hole and 10 mm thick. Made on a 1/16 mandrel.

Kim Vredenburg's Boro Glass Pendant

The glass heart pendant measures approximately 41mm (top of glass ruffle to bottom of glass drip) X 37mm (at the widest part).

Rhonda Willis's Dichroic Glass Pendant

This pendant measures 1-1/2" from top of bail x 3/4" wide. The glass is 26mm x 21mm. The bail is sterling silver plated.

Think this was fun? You can click on the image at the very top to visit participating blogs for your very own international blog adventure.


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Donna said...

Very pretty items.

phoenix glass said...

The wife has a birthday and she loves glass gifts, like you have displayed here.

LissC said...

the pink enamel poppies earrings are fabulous! Just love em!

Kandes Naylor said...

I super love glass. Please enter me in the giveaway!

Exam Papers said...

Nice collection of class work.
All this collection is looking antique.

Test Paper said...

Very nice glass collection.
This collection is looking very antique.

Silver Charm Bracelet said...

My favourite pick would be the red flower piece...simply love the colour and the sweet look to it.

DollHouse said...

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Etched Glass said...

I like all of these pendants and little bunnies, they are stunning and elegant to wear for all occasions.

Mall said...

Love this blog!I hope You update it more often!

rsgoldfast said...

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